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  • Martin Kirkbride

Thought For Today: In It Together?

The Covid-19 virus has, on a positive side, produced an egalitarian prospective the ‘we are all in it together’. The question is will we retain this ethos when life returns to normal – albeit a very different ‘new’ normal.

For churches there has always been the danger of existing in a Christian cocoon – loving and caring for the worlds outside us whilst unintentionally maintaining a distinct ‘us and them’ context. The ‘us’ being those who know Christ, attend church, and are ‘respectable’.

The ‘them’ being people outside our churchy environment, people with different lifestyles. We end up with an ‘us and them’ dichotomy, a juxtaposition that isn’t supported by Scripture.

Every church should be an inclusive church because God’s love is radically inclusive. The church should be famous for its love. We should welcome people regardless of their gender, race or lifestyle. God loves you regardless of your previous life or present lifestyle. Nothing you do can make him love you less and nothing you can do can make him love you more. Thank God, he loves imperfect people. And as the attached video so powerfully reminds us, when it comes to God’s love there is no us and them, we are all in it together.

God of the Moon and Stars

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