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  • Martin Kirkbride

Thought For Today: Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week looks very different this year -please do log on tomorrow (Sunday) for our Christian Aid Service. Although things may be different what doesn’t differ is the need and the call to give.

Sharing and giving, for those who are able to, is a responsibility not an optional, but human nature has always been more disposed towards getting. Giving is to others, but getting is to self, and self has always been a popular focus, a focus that has absorbed the history of the world’s philosophies:

Greek philosophy said – be wise, Know yourself

The Romans said, be strong, discipline yourself

Religion said, be good, conform yourself

Enjoyment said, be sensuous, appreciate yourself

Education said, be resourceful, expand yourself

Psychology said, be confident, assert yourself

Materialism said, be satisfied, please yourself

Pride said, be superior, promote yourself

Advertising said, your worth it, be a winner, improve yourself

Humanism said, be capable, believe in yourself

Legalism said, be pious, limit yourself

Ambition said, be your destiny, make yourself.

These philosophies can be summed up as self, self, self,

Do something for yourself, with yourself, to yourself.

All very different from Jesus who said Give yourself

Christian Aid Week is a timely reminder to lose the focus of self by giving to others.

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