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  • Jenny Jeffery

Thought For Today: A Gift

Recently I received a card containing these words:

Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow is mystery.

Today is a gift.

It reminded me of the phrase at the beginning of version of Morning Prayer which says “We thank you O God for the gift of this new day”

I’m sure we all like receiving gifts. Often it’s the ones that cost very little which are the best.

The gift of a daisy from a young child

The gift of an encouraging word or a smile.

The gift of this beautiful month of May

The gift of a faithful and trustworthy friend

And for me the gift recently of a pacemaker!

I have often reflected on the phrase “It is better to give than receive”. I always enjoy watching all the family opening their Christmas gifts and then the cry goes up “Granny you haven’t opened any of your presents yet!”

Of course the greatest gift of all was God sending his Son, Jesus, into the world that me might know the extent of his love for us and have an abundance of life. Not that we should keep that gift to ourselves as we are commissioned to share that gift with others.

How will we do that today I wonder. Through a phone call, a text or e-mail. Through our prayers….

Some words from The Servant Song:

We are here to help each other

walk the mile and bear the load.

I will hold the Christ – light for you

in the night time of your fear.

I will hold my hand out to you,

speak the peace you long to hear…………

Rev Jenny Jeffery

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