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Thought For Toady: Remembering The Falklands

Today, 25th May, is 38th anniversary marking the Royal Navy’s greatest loss of lives and ships since WW11, during the Falklands War in 1982. As a Falklands veteran I have the privilege to be Chaplain to HMS Coventry. *That I have also been a minister at Coventry Cathedral is coincidental (God-incidental), as the two roles are entirely independent of each other.

HMS Coventry was sunk by enemy action, as was the Atlantic Conveyor less than an hour later. So, usually on this date I would be away leading the HMS Coventry Falklands Memorial Service, and then checking out the quality of the rum at the Reunion. Later today I will be doing just that, but via Zoom. Will there still be a tot of Rum? A very loud ‘yes’ as each of the survivors has a glass by their computer screen ready to raise a toast ‘to those we left forever on patrol’

On the important subject of ‘rum’ please check out the aditional article ‘Rum and The Life of Brian by clicking here

Today’s thought? - My own thoughts are bitter sweet but beautifully summed up in the attached video tribute.

D118 Tribute

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