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  • Martin Kirkbride

Thought For Today: Superheroes

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. [John 3:17]

Comparing how superheroes save the world:

Superman is smart, assertive, bulging muscles, incredible powers, admired & loved by all Metropolis. He hides his persona behind the weakness and humility of Clarke Kent, but make no mistake when he’s out on a mission he is all power and strength.

- Jesus has no pretend weakness or false humility, knowing weakness and humility are his reality.

Batman has riches and resources, financial and political influence, access to every gadget imaginable, coupled with a mansion to relax in and a butler to iron master Bruce’s capes.

- Jesus has the cloak that he stands up, serves rather than is served, and there is a noticeable absence of any mansions or gadgets in hi his lifestyle.

Spiderman never wanted to be a hero, it’s just an accident of circumstance that the diffident ineffectual Peter Parker gets bitten by a spider and takes on his webs spinning powers. When he takes off his spider suit he’s back to being the ineffectual & unreliable Peter Parker. - Jesus doesn’t do different public and private persona’s, his role is no accident of circumstances.

All our superheroes want to save the world by destroying the evil doers, - Jesus has a mission to save the world by saving the evil doers.

From the very beginning God’s plan was less superhero & more ‘superservant

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