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Brrrr....the boiler's on the blink

Well, churches are never known for being overly toasty buildings but as we pride ourselves here at St George's as a warm and welcoming church, coming into a cold church as the heating decided not to come on, doesn't really help! When the Vicar nearly has frostbite on his hands after an early morning communion and finds much more warmth outside on a cold winter's days, we know we need to do something about it!

Prayer is always our first thing to do, so on Saturday 14th April from 9.30am to 12.30am we will come together for a Prayer Morning to pray that somehow we can find enough funds for a new boiler (our old one is 15 years old) and quite possibly some for all our other projects (we have a leaky roof, a stained glass window to repair, old pew runners...).

On Sunday 15th April we will hold our "Gift Day" where people are able to donate whatever they feel called to give. It really is a case of every penny is appreciated and maybe it would be a case of not being able to give financially but have thought of other ways to help us as a church.

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