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Caring for our

Churchyard Working Party

For over a thousand years there has been a Christian church on the site of St George’s, Wilton. Many changes have taken place over the years since the original tiny Saxon chapel was built here, but the main structure and layout of the church building and the churchyard have not altered greatly since Victorian times.

St George’s has been loved and cared for by many generations.Today it continues to be a special place where anyone may come to worship God, to meet with other people and to feel comforted and at peace; and in turn care for it and keep it alive and flourishing for future generations.




St George’s Churchyard

Churchyards are primarily tranquil places to bury the dead and to grieve, but they are also important for many other reasons: they tell us of our past, protect plants and animals for the future and provide peaceful spaces in which anyone can walk or sit and think.

Currently the general care of St George’s Churchyard is undertaken partly by volunteers from the church congregation and the wider community and partly by contractors, paid for from church fund-raising or from donations.

As the churchyard is in a Conservation Area, specialist care of trees and monuments must be undertaken by professionals and can be very costly.

How you could help…

If you would like to help care for St George’s Churchyard, there are several ways you could contribute :

  • Practical help with gardening/maintenance tasks, either on the 3rd Saturday morning of each month from March to November when volunteers gather OR by ‘adopting’ a neglected grave and generally keeping it tidy.

  • A single cash donation to be used for a specific task or item in the churchyard.

  • A regular annual or monthly cash donation to be used for  general maintenance fees.

Any contribution, however small, would be very welcome. Please do let us know.

Churchyard Gardening-2.png

If you would like to help in some way or to know more about caring for the churchyard, please MAKE CONTACT BY POST, PHONE OR EMAIL. It will be passed on to a member of the Churchyard Group, who can then contact you to confirm details.

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