Mossy Church
Mossy Church

Explore, Engage, Connect

Mossy Church
Mossy Church

What is it?

Mossy Church
Mossy Church

Explore, Engage, Connect


Get your wellies on and get stuck in!

Come and join us for some Mossy Church fun. For information on what we're doing, please email and we'll keep you posted!

Head over to our facebook page - Mossy Church at St George's Wilton -

for our Mossy Church Moments and some lovely ideas so you can Explore, Engage and Connect.

Take a mossy moment today and look up at the sky.

Take some deep breaths.

What can you see today?

Can you see any clouds and notice shapes in them?

Feel rain or a breeze on your face?

Are there any colours you see?

Even on days when you can't take a walk or even leave the house, we can always look out and up, take a pause and experience the wonder of creation.


Have you noticed more bugs, bees and insects about?

We have had a few ladybird visitors in our house and garden in the past few days, what about you? Take a mossy moment today and try to look out for a ladybird or five!

There are so many colours and designs of ladybirds in nature (46 in the UK to be exact!); why not design your own, what will yours look like?

Send us a picture, we'd love to see!