Our Weekly Collection

A unique part of our life together is the commitment to giving away 100% of our Sunday collections to charities. This is an important aspect of our outreach. They can be either local, national or international charities in need.


In 2019 we raised over £13,000.

Some of those charities who have benefited are our Mission Partner Links such as Church Mission Society, Interserve and Frank Shayi. 

This is a really important part of our outreach and as we are called, we will continue to show God’s love to our community and to our neighbours across the globe wherever the need is as an expression of our love. 

Our Christian Giving Scheme

St George’s is all about taking steps closer to God, friends and real life (or life in all its fullness, as Jesus called it.) That’s not just a purely  “spiritual” process but in reality involves material resources, our time, effort and money.


Like every parish in our diocese, we contribute to the Common Fund of the diocese through our Parish Share. 


The financial cost of our ministry is met by the majority of members of the congregation. If you have started coming to St George’s regularly, or have been coming for some time but haven’t yet done so, may we encourage you to join our committed giving scheme? 
Heartfelt thanks to everyone who cheerfully contributes time, effort or money to the ministry of St George’s, reflecting the generosity of the God we worship. 


Our Christian Giving Scheme helps towards:

  • sustaining our church building,

  • sustaining our clergy, 

  • sustaining our ministry.


If you would like to know more about, please do chat with either our  Vicar, our Christian Giving Officer, the Churchwardens, or the Church Office. See our Who's Who page. Please click here for our Christian Giving Appeal Leaflet for 2021.