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The Spiritual Challenges in ‘Les Miserables’

This five week Lent Course uses the film Les Miserables as its theme. We will watch the film in the first session and in the next five sessions use clips from the film and the provided notes to discuss it. Here is what the Course author says: “Les Miserables is a tale that tells of the great challenges of life, that speaks of God, infinite and personal, that encourages us to ponder our lives and to wonder how to offer ourselves to His serv- ice in the way that Jean Valjean does.

This unique Lent course looks at the stories of five of the original characters and explores the classic themes of social justice and conflict between the justice and mercy of God. ”

This lent course will start on Wednesday 4 March 7pm either in the Church or the Dunning Room (will be confirmed). Don’t worry if you can’t make all thesessions, you are welcome to all or any. Speak to our Church Office if you want more information.

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