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Thought For Today by Rev Martin Kirkbride

Yesterday I spent over an hour standing in a very long slow-moving queue. Everyone kept the mandatory two metres apart. Inevitably conversations were struck up. The distance between conversationalists meant the discourses were carried out in loud voices. In the case of one person who spotted an old friend much further down the queue that particular volume level was elevated to a thirty-minute shout. Of course, I tried not to listen, but I do now have a working knowledge of the health, wealth, and marital demeaners of their family and mutual friends.

More interesting was a loud discussion about the origins and cause of the Coronavirus. Suddenly everyone had an opinion, though no one had a definitive answer. However, a strong voice enthusiastically laid claim to a conspiracy theory. What shocked me was not the wildness of their assertions, but that so many people in the queue found merit the claim that the pandemic was engineered by the financial markets. Mega rich financiers wanted to cause the stock markets to crash. They would then buy up thousands of shares at rock bottom prices and later make an obscene profit selling the shares when the stock market prices recovered. As an afterthought the proposer of the theory did mention that the world’s governments might be colluding ‘because it would solve the problem of population growth’

We all have questions but I found it sad that we are so hungry for answers that even the extremes are considered as viable. I have no self-wisdom answers, no conspiracy theories, I can only take strength in, and offer to you, Proverbs 3:5-‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding’

Plus, a silly yet profound song(video) that reminds us that one day everything will be clear.

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