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Thought For Today: Martin Kirkbride

Goodbyes can be painful, especially if it is a last farewell. During the present pandemic many families have said an unexpected farewell to loved ones. Due to the risk of infection, and social distancing protocols, many are denied the opportunity to express their grief, their farewells, at a funeral. Of present necessity funerals have become lonely, functional, minimal events. Not only no opportunity for gathered family and friends to attend, but no opportunity to celebrate a loved one’s life. Whatever a countries culture or faith, we have a global restriction on how life is lived, and the norms of end of life. Grief is subsumed rather than shared.

This all makes a rather sombre ‘Thought for Today’, but in the sorrows of life and lives lost, I offer a prayer from St Ignatius of Loyola, plus my favourite version a song of sadness that has always uplifted me to soar great joy, ‘Be Still my Soul’

Prayer from St Ignatius of Loyola

O Christ Jesus,

When all is darkness

And we feel our weakness and helplessnesses,

Give us the sense of your presence,

Your love, and your strength.

Help us to have perfect trust

In your protecting love

And strengthening power,

So that nothing may frighten or worry us,

For living close to you,

We shall see your hand,

Your purpose, your will through all things. Amen

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