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  • Martin Kirkbride

Thought For Today: Ascension

When we think of Christian holy days that are filled with joy, Easter and Christmas are generally the first ones we think of. And this is rightfully so. After all, the birth of Our Saviour and Jesus’ glorious Resurrection are the miraculous events that shape our faith and give us all great hope. But how often do we reflect on the radiant joys of other holy days?

The Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord is one holy day that’s frequently overlooked by many. But it’s filled with as much joy, hope and peace as Christmas and Easter. Falling 40 days after Easter Sunday, Ascension Day honours Jesus’ Ascension into heaven. It is joyful because it is not about Jesus leaving us, the Ascension does not point to His absence, but tells us that he is alive in our midst in a new way. He is no longer in a specific place in the world as he was before the Ascension. He is now in the lordship of God, present in every space and time, close to each one of us. In our life we are never alone: He is always with us and His ascension initiates Pentecost, the pouring out of His Holy Spirit, in order that we might known and live in the power of his presence in our lives.

There is lot’s going on today for Ascension Day:

FACEBOOK 10.30AM – BISHOP RUTH Please do join Bishop Ruth this morning at 10.30 on the Diocesan Facebook Page for a Eucharist service

FACEBOOK 11.00AM – ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY And to mark the beginning of Thy Kingdom Come at 11am Archbishop Justin Welby will be doing a Live Q&A on facebook - It offers an opportunity to hear from him re. his own prayer life and to ask him questions on prayer. This session is perfect of those on the edges of faith where prayer is new to them, so please share with any of your family and friends who are exploring faith at this time.

FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE 5.15PM – BISHOP PETER Bishop Peter will be speaking at the Cathedral Eucharist at 5.15pm which we’d love you to join in with If you cannot access it here, try the Facebook page.

Please do try to join in with any or all of the above today – a day of hope, joy and peace!

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